I was worried when we matched with a level four clan as we are a brand new level one clan in our first war. As expected, we had one guy drop out and leave the clan within moments of the match. Not a lot makes me angry but leaving in war just should not happen. Missing attacks does not make me happy either.

Winning our First Clash of Clan War

First CoC War

We almost had a prefect war out of the gate. Two bases remained without a three star.  I failed to three star the number one opponent and my alternate, Thunder failed to three star either of his attacks. Thunder did pick up 4 stars in war and I, Stormheart picked up 5. Doctor Doom and Flirtilizer both had 6 star wars.

To be honest, the war wore me out. To jumpstart this clan, I created several accounts to the clan.

Doctor Doom was three starred by an attacker with level one hogs. Something that did not make me too happy. The same person also attacked Flirtilizer which had an identical base and only got one star. Doom had level one giant bombs and the hogs missed those, they were set off by archers. Flirtilizer’s bombs destroyed all 35 hogs if I remember the number of hogs correctly to hold for a one star defense. We all figured Flirtilizer would suffer the same fate as Doctor Doom did.

We won our first war and we will always have that.