The knights stomped this clan with our 8th perfect war, bringing our war record to 21-6-1. Having lost two in a row, it was nice to get back to our winning war. This war lead me to say “I’d rather be bored than beaten.” This war was no contest. It was a rare time that we were paired against a clan that was not a level 5 or more. No advantage to them for troop upgrades.

Perfect Clash of Clans War

This was an odd clan, severely rushed with several more TH9s we had for this war. They even brought a TH10 in their clan. We had eight town hall sevens in the war and they had only three. The rest of their twenty members were all town hall eight or above.

One of our clan mates thought there were a “Joke clan.” I think they are kids. Hard to know, it was a very odd clan and very odd match up.

Six Hours after Start of War

Six Star Knights

Peter, Gnamsu, and Blargh achieved two thee star attacks on bases that had not already been destroyed. Many of our member attacked very high on their second attacks for practice and loot as we had already won the war. Peter got a three star on their number one base!

War Stats are below:

War Stats 1

War Stats 2

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