I suspect we stunned them. I think most clans match us and see our lowly level 3 status with 16 wins when this war started and get a bit dismissive. However, after four hours, I doubt they were dismisses us any longer.

Stormy Knights Vs Tasaba

We won again, against the odds against a level 5 clan with their +1 donation level upgrades.  It was funny to me to see we had they worried when they started trying to join our clan so they could find out where my giant bombs are. Actually, I made it too easy to know where one set of them was and that’s been fixed now.

Six Star Nights

MJ, RoofDaddy and Doom were our member to get six stars this war. Thunder got a defense and was never three stared.

After four hours the war looked like this:

Fours hours of CoC War

But after 16 hours we were doing very well:

16 Hours after Start of War

Failure to Show Up

However, I failed to two star their number 1 base and that put victory in jeopardy.  It was unlikely that they could pull ahead but a tie was possible. It appeared we would win a tie but it’s hard to guess that until their attacks take place. They never took place. Their number two and three took only one attack each.

With 14 minutes left in the war the score was close:

Final Score

But, that is where the war ended. There number three was cooking dragons but I don’t think he had time to finish them. He might have as he had 8 cooked the last time I looked. There number 2 was badly rushed but could have possibly helped if he had shown up.

They failed to take advantage of my weak attack but they are the first level five clan we have encountered that had level 5 dragons in some of their CCs but not all.


We did have a couple of suspicious request to join our clan out of the blue two request came in close together, just before they attacked my base.

War Spy

Another Spy


There number one’s attack included hogs. I don’t know they were spies but odd to get request out of the blue. They rarely happen when not in war.

Some more stats from this war:

War Stats

More War Stats for Stormy Knights

This war brought our war record to 17-4-1 with a war win streak of 3.

If you’d like to join the Knights, you can still become a founding member. Everyone that joins before we are a level 4 clan and stays until we are a level 5 will be considered a founding member. For more information on how to join, click here.