This was a war that I wish I could save a complete recording of. It would be so fun to play this back in one clip as the battles unfolded. We got off to a poor start when I obtained only one star on our first attack vs their number 2. I can still feel that sinking feeling when during the attack, I told Jessie, “I’m going to get only one star!” Then I watched it happen as the last P.E.K.K.A screeched to a halt as forty two percent of the base was killed, along with the town hall.  At that point, the Happy Flower, their number one base in this war had to be smiling.

Then I attacked with Sir Stiffy who did a good job on the clan castle but there was a Valkyrie hiding in the CC that had refused to engage at first. As stiffy was attacking, he could hear her yell but never saw her. He just knew she was wreaking havoc on his army which managed to kill only fifty three percent of the base with the town hall left standing.

Things did get better for the clan and for me after that. Several of our mates were having an off war but Sickthing, Thunder, Jill, Happy, Flirtilizer, Frostbyte, Frosty and Sir Doom went to work and had a nearly perfect war. Jessie using Jill and Happy went after their number 6 base. It was hard to kill that one but on her last attack she three stared it. Thunder could have killed it but we wanted him to get a second star on number two. However, Gameover got a second star on their number 2 which all but clinched our victory. Then Stormheart went on to get two stars on their number one base. That was just about “Game Over” for Team Kudeta but that still had a numerical chance to win.  They had achieved only a one star on our number one base. They had five bases left they could get one star each one with a score of 43 to 38.  Their number one got a three star on our number 2 bringing the score to 43 to 39. It didn’t appear they had the ability to get four three stars in a row with the attacks they had left. However, it was possible.

Sickthing had a particularly proud moment when he attacked their number 10. A base that was giving our 7s a hard time. Even one of our attackers that consistently three star bases got only two this time. He was having an off war which happens to everyone.  Sickthing is one of my alts. I noticed that the blower was killing the option to attack that base in the most obvious way. I also noticed that it could be taken out with hogs.

Sometimes you just get lucky. I meant to drop all four hogs but dropped only one which saved the attack. I dropped my king there as well but the hog went straight into a single giant bomb and died. Then I released the other three which took out the air sweep. Also, one of their attacks reminded me I needed to be wary of the CC dragon. I have not used hogs much but watched one of our CC dragons kill their CC hogs trying to do the same thing to one of our air sweepers or AD. So I remember to wait until my dragons had drawn out and engaged their CC dragon. It worked wonderfully, destroying the base in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. I was one happy Knight at that point. The outcome of this war was far from certain at that point.

It didn’t great for us until GameOver two stared their number 2 TH9. He was not a happy camper when their TH9 blew out two of his AD with a ZapQuake and followed that up with level four dragons to easily kill his base. He asked, “How did we match with this clan.” I could only shake my head and say “Let’s beat them anyway.” I do not give up, ever!

Respect Turns to Fear

I had been saying throughout this mismatched war that “We have obtained their respect.” At this point, I said, “Not only do they respect us, they fear us.” I think most of us thought we would lose this war. They had two TH9s in this war, a win streak of 11 and are a level 6 clan with 62 war wins. We had only one 9 and we are still a level 3 clan with 12 wins.

At this point they can still win with a tie. They did not have to two star my base. They got 78 percent with their one star and I only got 62 percent with my 2 star on their number one. They would win a tie.

With35 minute left in the war the score was 43 to 40 and they have three possible three stars left. However their number 6 getting a 3 star was a long shot.

There were two bogus looking attempts to join our clan during this war. Once when we matched by a TH9 that did not join another clan for at least 12 hours and then late in war we had a second request just before they launched a series of attacks. I can’t say for certain they were spies, I’ll let you decide.

With 10 minutes left to go, they launched three attacks, two of which got zero stars from their 7s attacking our 8s and a their number 3 did manage a three star attack on our number 4 which was Frosty. But Jill was attacked twice for 47 and 49 percent and failed to get the town hall. Their number six tried a GoWiPe on Frosty with level 1 golems and level 2 P.E.K.K.A. It failed hugely. At this point, I proclaimed in clan chat, “Get our fork, they are done.” They did pull off one more three star at the very end of the war. Their number four did an awesome job to three star Thunder at our number 5. I used that base as an eight on StormHeart and Jessie used it on all of her bases before joining our clan. That base almost never falls to a dragon attack. However, when I used it in the past, there was no ZapQuake so it probably will get three stared more often now. He was still attacking when I got the war has ended message.

The Final Outcome of this Clash of Clans War

We won and there were some proud people in the clan because of this war, almost everyone expected to lose. The matchup was very bad.

Victory Stormy Knights VS Team Kudeta

As is normal for us in most wars, we jumped out to a huge lead. At four hours into war the score was 32 to 15 and though we never lost the lead, I don’t think any of us felt secure in that lead. We’d had many more fails than normal.

Four hours after War Begins

Then, Jessie stepped in and worked her magic, as usual. She had some attacks with less than three stars but by the time she was done, all the eights had been three stared and all done by her. When we woke up, we saw that they had quite a few two stars and few three stars. Then they attacked me and got one star, twice. That got our hopes up a bit.

Between Jessie killing all of the eights and GameOver getting two stars on number 2 we had moved into a good position to win. They gave it a strong try but without two stars on my base, they had little chance.

When the war started they had an 11 war win streak going.

Team Kudeta Profile

After war they had zero and we now have a seven game winning streak going. Our overall war record is now 13-3-1. How long can it last? With each win, we get much harder clans and this one was much stronger than we were, at least on paper. I was concerned but once again found it was time to say “Let’s beat them anyway.”

Six Star Knights

Frosty, Jill, Sickthing, Sir Doom and Flirtilizer all got six stars for this war. Everyone contributed. Even a two star helped me get three stars when I attacked. I was getting ready to attack the base with Sir Doom and waited for someone else. He two stared it but I saw where he had trouble and I was able to alter my plans just a little bit to get the three star. I merely used my King in a place different than my original plan to help path the giants better and prevent that dreaded dragon wrap around. GameOver getting two stars on their number 2 base was crucial! Without that, we would have tied and the tie breaker would have gone to our opponent!

War stats are shown in the graphics below:

CoC War Stats

More Clash of Clans War Stats

How to Join the Knights

If you’d like to join Stormy Knights, let us know. It is very likely you’ll be accepted. We don’t yet have any town hall size limits. Even if you’re rushed you can join but you’ll be asked to opt out of war if the rushing is severe. You can find out more by visiting this page.

For those that join before we reach level 4 and stay until we are level 5, you’ll be a founding member. We have low turnover. Oh sure, some join and leave in the same day but most that join, are very happy and stay. We are an awesome clan. Sure, we will lose some war, we’ve lost three and we will lose more but winning is only a part of what makes us awesome! Fear the Knight!