Another victory for the Knights with a final score of 59 to 52. Bringing our war tally to 47-12-2. It looked like we might loose until Jessie obtained a higher percentage on their number one than they got. They never attacked our two bottom bases which were very easy three stars on two TH3 bases.

Stormy Knights VS The Warriors

Strange war, one the other side should have won. They made some very stranger moves regarding their royals. On attacking our top 9, they quit with over a minute and a half left in the battle with their queen at full health. Just after calling on her ability. My guess is that he thought he had enough damage as they had exceeded my damage percentage but we had another attack left. Their second nine was not able to three star low, they certainly couldn’t two star our top nine with a better percentage. That alone, sealed their loss and that attack was not the only place where that happened at.

Knights on Defense

Survived at Least One Attack

Vigoratus, Gerry, Frosty, Renee, Natsu, TheHawke, Happy, Thunder, Jill,

Outright Defense


Bases Standing at the End of War

Thunder, Natsu, R2U, 2nd Squire

Knights on Offense

Per Clash Caller:

Additional War Stats:

Warriors War Stats

Warriors Additional War Stats

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