In our second war the winning streak of 1 was brought to an end. While technically this clan did not break the rules, they did things I would never do. They sent to spies in before war started. Now, that’s my fault that they got in and it won’t happen again. I thought I had talked to these fine outstanding people in Clash of Clan’s “Global Chat” but I must have been mistaken.

Spies in Clash of Clans War

I came close to kicking them several times but at the time, I was trying to be tolerant of people that drove me nuts. The first one was named Monster #2C8CCLYC0.  He kept asking me for coleader which really bugged me but I just ignored him. He brought in his friend M$&89 (#2J0YVYGGU) who was even worse. Hitting on a 12 year old boy was his crime. I did not see this until they were both gone though.

CoC Cheater


I warned our clan of mostly new members that this happened but it appeared few of them read the clan mail warning I sent to them about this. I advised everyone it would be wise to at least move their hidden traps before war or just make a new base and switch to it before war started.

The Wolves had some good attackers, they probably didn’t need to engage in such unsportsman like conduct. But, officially, it is not cheating. From SuperCell’s FAQ I found this:

coc terms of service snippet

Learn and Continue Our CoC Efforts

So we just have to live with it and be more careful. I’m eager to get new people in but have already stopped going to global to look for new people. They tend to be clan hoppers and lie about their age too frequently to make it worthwhile. I have decided to remain on the forums to recruit slower but get high quality people. Besides, we have ten people that I can count on not to leave during war.

We have learned and will move on. We are getting ready for our third war. Clash of Clans is not doing us any favors in the match up. This time, our level one clan drew a level 7 clan. This gives them a huge advantage as all their troop donations get raised one level while we still have to wait twenty minutes to even re-request troops. haha