We were in another scrap, another fight to the finish. Once again, Jessie comes in with her attacks late in the war to clinch the victory. Both clans got 44 stars but we had the higher percentage at 99.6 to 97.33 in total destruction. They had two attacks left but both of those two players got no stars on their first attack so we were not too worried at that point.

Victory in War

Knights on Offense

Siffy, Tack95 and LeOxe each had two three star attacks. There wasn’t much opportunity for the Knights to obtain six stars because we killed most bases on our first attack. In fact, there were only two bases that did not die on our first attempts. We never did three star their number 2 base.

Knights on Defense

Jill, Mr. Yosa and Mumbo Jumbo all had an outright defense. Sickthing was attacked four times and fell on the last attack. Frostbyte, LeOxe and Blitz survived one attack during the course of this war. Well done, we need those defenses to win!

War Stats

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