This clan likes ground attacks.  They did well but didn’t have the troops needed to three star our nines. They did manage to three star thunder who was trying out a new base. Thunder just cannot find a good base but he’s also too weak to be number one in any war as he is an 8.75. He has added all defenses now except for xbows.  He won’t add them until the has both royals at level 15. His queen will be level 15 in about 6 days but his king is only at 11.

The final score was 60 to 58 in a hard fought battle.  This gave us our 36th perfect war and a war record of 69-16-5.

Perfect War 36 for the Knights


Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least one Attack

Sickthing, Gerry, Aviral, Don Char, Thunder, Jessie, Ardav2

Knights still Standing at the End of War

Jessie, Ardav2

Knights on Offense per Clashcaller

Thwack had his first six star war and Sickthing had his first three star as a TH8, second attack got a little greedy trying to take out both the AD and the air sweeper and the AD didn’t go down

Graphical Representation of War

War Results VS Yonogiri Timur

Additional Game Statistics

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