We have a secret weapon and her real life name is Jessie. She has several accounts and when her number three TH8 on this war map three stared their number 1, I suspect they were surprised. She went on to three star their number 2 base with Jill, her TH8 located sixth on the war map. She had a string of three star attacks and was the hero of this war.

Enggang Gading is a good clan and I have nothing but respect for them. I suspect when they matched up with a level 3 clan with only 10 war wins they thought this was going to be easy. They are a level 6 clan with 70 wins and a win streak of 6.

Stormy Knights VS Enggang Gading

Low Level Town Hall Eights


They had at least two TH8s with level 2 dragons and that was the deciding factor in this war. Even though we performed well, so did them. We failed to three star only one base. They failed to three star two of ours and if they had level 3 dragons and tied us, they would have won. They went down fighting, their number 15, a TH5 attacked our TH8 located at number 5 on the war map. An act of desperation but I admire them for trying it.

I too sent out our TH7’s against their number three base, a strong and well laid out TH8. The one we failed to three star even though we had at least four TH8s attack that base. Sickthing, a TH7 managed to get a one star on that eight.

As is our normal way, we jumped out to a strong lead but I knew they were likely to later close the gap and they did. It was late in war when I felt comfortable with our win.



Knights with Three Stars


Frosty, Jill, Mr Yosa, Mumbo Jumbo all managed to get six stars this war. There probably would have been more six star Knights but we had to concentrate on the team rather than personal achievements and they stepped up to support their mates.

Clash of Clans War Stats

Winning this war was quite an accomplishment. I suspect that this very capable team thought they had an easy war to win once they saw the matchup. They are a level six clan with 70 wins compared to our level 3 clan with only 10 wins going into this war. They did not know of our secret weapon, a knight named Jessie and her four accounts that were active in this war. She really was the star of this war.

Additional War Stats Stormy Knights

With our win streak being at 5 now, I suspect we will get another mismatch in our next war. We are going to take a one day break from war then back to taking names and kicking butt with the realization that the odds will be stacked against us.

Stormy Knights Clan Profile