We stomped this clan that I think was likely made up of kids. I kept thinking, “They are not even trying” when another clan member ask the same thing. The final score was 59-38. And it wasn’t even that close. Near the end of war their higher 8s started attacking our lower 7s, I assume to increase their individual war stars count.

Schooling A Chinese Clan

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Flirtilizer, Jill, Darth Vader, Sir Stiffy, Natsu, Daggerstein,  Mr. Yosa, Frosty, Happy, Gerry, Tach95

Outright Defense

Mr. Yosa, Jessie, Daggerstein, Sir Stiffy,

Bases Still Standing at the End of War

Peter, Thunder, Jessie, Frosty, Jill, Happy, Tach95, Natsu, Mr. Yosa, Darth Vader, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiffy, Daggerstein

Knights on Offense

Thunder had a good war and was very happy with this attack on number 1.

And per Clashcaller:

Additional stats are shown below:

CoC War Stats with China Clan

Additional Stats for War with China Clan

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