Assessment at Match-Up

Tamalaki Sultra is out of Indonesia. They are a slightly engineered clan but I don’t see that in this case, it helps them in any way. They have a TH9 at the bottom of the map. It has no Archer Queen and only level 2 dragons.  It has some dark troops but they are all level 1 and the BK is level 3.   

It does have 2 xbows and if set to air will be a challenge for our TH8s even with its pitiful low AD which it has four of.  It is not double zapquake ready for the matchup.

Tamalaki CoC Profile

Other than that, we have the same number of TH9s and 8s.

Tamalaki War Weight

They have low-level heroes on all of their TH9s.  They are mostly inactive with now or just a few attacks. They have an odd combination of troops cooked considering they don’t farm much. Such as healers with hogs. Maybe they will queen walk their level 9 queens.  Number 1 has a level 10 Archer Queen. Number 2 has a level 11 Barbarian King but the AQ is level 9. Number three has a level 10 Archer Queen. Their numbers four, five and six all have Archer Queens at five or under.

I think we will dominate the clan.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 11 clan which does give them an advantage over us.  They have 177 wins and 178 losses or ties. They have a war win streak of 3.

We are a level 9 clan with a war win streak of 6, Our war record is 177-43-10.

This war will start on 2-2-18.

Battle Day

Twenty-One Hours Remaining in War

The score is 14 to 19. We have taken 6 attacks while they have taken 11. Their TH8s have done terrible but their TH9s are doing well. Except for their bottom TH9 which started its attack and just quit. Perhaps it had the wrong troops with about 6 Pekka and goblins.

War Map VS Tamalaki Clan

We have killed all of their 8s. One of our 8s did a scouting attack on number 1. I was hoping they had a hound in the CC but they do not. I was considering a GoWiPe on it but the CC on one end and the Queen on the other end have me concerned. I still may GoWiPe it but it won’t be tonight. A queen walk is probably a better attack but I’m weak with QW so I will have to practice it first.

Their 9s are doing a much better job than I thought they would with their troops. They have three starred our numbers 3, 4 and 5. Their number 4 attacked me at number 1 and got a zero star 21 percent. It was probably mostly a scouting attack.  They have plenty of attacks to allow them to do that.

We killed all of their TH8s and the bottom TH9 with our 8s. The TH9 had two xbows set to ground. I don’t understand that at all. It would probably have been impossible for a TH8 to get it with them set to air. It also has four AD but they are below level 4.

Tamalaki Game Map

All of their CC’s so far have had a level 6 dragon along with other various troops. That includes number 1 along with two loons.

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

The score is 15 to 24.  They have taken 13 attacks while we have taken 7. None of our 9s have attacked. They got a 2 star 68 percent on our number one with their number one.

They still have two of our 8s to three-star but their number 6 a TH9 can take those out probably.  They have four TH9 attacks remaining if the bottom 9 can take out our two remaining 8s. They have been attacking well. Much better than I expected.

I cannot decide if I will attack tonight but I need to so I will have time to work on my queen walk tomorrow. So, I probably will but I don’t feel like I’m alert enough.

Stats vs Tamalaki 1

UPDATE: I attacked with my 9 and three starred number 2. That gives me seven three-star war attacks in a row! With that I am well pleased.  We have a new member tonight so that was added pressure.

I tried an FC first to make sure I was alert. I felt alert but also very tired. So the score is now 19 to 24 and we’ve taken 9 attacks. Four of our attack were by TH8s on their TH9s, just scouting attacks.

Eighteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 23 to 24. We have taken 12 attacks while they have taken 13. We are struggling on their number 6 with only a 2-star at 79 percent and have only a 2-star 59 percent on their number 4. I don’t think that’s going to be enough. We really need to three star those two bases.  I don’t understand why we have failed on six but it was not a Penta Laloon. The attacker didn’t think she could get it with Lava Loon but it has only level 6 AD. That level 6 dragon may be scaring her. It’s not that great of a Witch Slap base due to the position of the AD. The Wizard towers are just out of range of the AD but with the hounds passing over them they should be distracted enough for the hounds to get them. I think I could kill it with Penta Laloon but I will be attacking one in all likelihood

We are not dominating them the way I expected too.

Seven Hours Remaining in War

We are in danger of losing this war but it’s far from lost yet. We are not doing well and they are. They are doing much better than I would have predicted. It is odd that their first attack did nothing.

The score is 25 to 25 and we just had a 99 percent attack on their number 3.  We have attacked 15 times and they have attacked 14 times. So far they have only 1 star on our number 2. They have two attacks remaining on it. It’s a hard base but it has been three starred at least once and perhaps twice. One three-star was using a similar attack to what they like to use.

More Stats vs Tamalaki

I do not understand their attacks. They don’t use wall breakers and they bring giants in their CC. I can’t help but wonder about modding but if they are there is a new type of mod out there. Their number 10 coming in on their first attack and just quitting is very odd. But, that’s the only thing I see and from what I know about mods, that won’t help since it attacked our number 10.  Something is not making any sense though.

I am extremely concerned about my attack on their number 1. I will practice Queen walk for a couple of hours but I have an idea on how to make a witch slap work as well. Using three jumps instead of the normal two. I know I’m tied up in knots about my second attack.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 28 to 27. Muf came in and finally got three stars on their number 6. We’ve never had so much problem with the bottom TH9 before.  We have two attacks remaining and we badly need another star.  They have an easy star on a TH8 by a TH9 to give them a tie. And if they then get a two star on our number 2 they will win unless we get another star.  Damage is 99.0 percent to 88.40 so it will be hard to beat us on percentage. They need two more stars in order to beat us and since there is only one star achieved on our number 2 they have a good chance to picking up those two stars. So, we need another star.

They have two attacks left on our number two. We have taken 18 attacks while they have taken 15. They are far better than their troops indicate they would be.

Two Hours Remaining in War

It has been a nail biter but it looks like we have locked this one up. The score is 29 to 26.  They do have the attacks left but now they must get a perfect war to beat us. Jessie came in late with her last two attacks and got two three stars. We are one star away from perfect and that was a 98 percent attack. It was my attack. That broke my 7 attacks streak of three-star attacks.

Thirty Minutes Remaining in War

There are only a few seconds remaining in war. They came in the last 15 minutes and attempted to gain more stars. They gained one more star.  Their number one picked up another star. Their number 2 failed to three-star our last standing TH8 and there were no additional attacks on me.

They took 18 attacks while we took all 20 of our attacks.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie

Silver: Stormheart
Bronze: Muf

Results of War

We did win this war with a final score of 29 to 27. While they did well on some our TH9s they also had poor attacks on our number 1 and 2 as well from their TH8s.

Final Score vs Tamalaki

A TH9 failed to three-star Frostbyte, a TH8.

I didn’t think they’d give us much of a fight but they did.

Destruction Comparison vs Tamalaki Sultra

Clash Track’s summary of the war can be found here.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart, Jessie, Frostbyte, Doom, Blitz 2

Outright Defense

Stormheart, Blitz 2

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Jessie, Frostbyte

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Jessie, Doom, Smiling Faces

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