Assessment at Match Up

This Chinese clan is another highly engineered one with a TH11 at position number 2. At least this one does not have an Eagle Artillery with it.

China Clan 7-14-17 Profile

They have such a strong advantage they should be able to get a perfect war so I don’t see how we can beat this clan.

They have five bases above TH8 while we have 4.

China Clan 7-14-17 Weight

However, with engineers, there is always the chance that they cannot attack well.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan with 163 war wins. Their war log is private. They have a war win streak of 1. We are a level 8 clan with a war win streak of 3 and a war record of 131-27-9.  It appears they are losing a lot of wars. This war will begin on 7-11-17.

Battle Day

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 58 to 43.  We have used all 40 of our attacks and left only 1 and 3 standing with a 99 percent 2 star on 1 and 93 percent 2 star on 3.

Our War Map vs China 7-14-17

It doesn’t appear they have the attacks left to defeat us. It is likely they will three star all of our nines if their 9s get all of their attacks in. Their TH11 has three stared me and I three starred them. The 11 has 1 attack left. Their number 3 has not yet attacked. They have two strong 8s with 1 attack each left.

They have 11 bases that they need to three star and I do not think they have the troops required to get those.

China Clan Battle Map 7-14-17

They have had multiple failures. Daggerstien, for example. Has two defenses and remains standing with a fifty percent one star scored on him. Even our number 20 has two defenses and remaining standing with a sixty-six percent one star scored on her.


Knights Used attacks Failed attacks
40/40 21 9 10 0


Opponents used attacks Failed attacks
30/40 11 7 7 5

They have taken 27 attacks.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Frosty — 2 Stats on 1 and 3

Silver: Blitz – 3 Stars on 4 and 7
Bronze: Stormheart – 3 Stars on 2

Results of War

Another win for the Knights with a final score of 58 to 47 and giving us a 4 war win streak. Our new war record is 132-27-9. This was the second war in a row we had to face a TH11. This clan just didn’t have to offense or depth to get the job done. Yea, they easily three starred our top two nines, so what! One of our nines was never attacked and we had several outright defenses at the bottom of the map.

China 7-14-17 Final Score

Another engineered clan that cannot attack and this time they lost because of it.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Jessie, Mr. Yosa, Thwack, Diderius, Frostbyte, Stiffy, Daggerstein, Seadog, Stormy Squire, 2nd Squire, Jewel, Smiling Faces, Blitz the 2nd

China Clan 7-14-17 Battle Stats 1

Outright Defense

Daggerstein (2), Blitz the 2nd (3)

More Battle Stats vs China 7-14-17

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Blitz, Thwack, Frostbyte, Stiffy, Daggerstein, Squire, 2nd Squire, Jewel, Smiling Faces

Battle Stats vs China 7-14-17 part 3

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Blitz, Seadog, Squire, 2nd Squire, Smiling Faces, Blitz 2

Destruction Comparison vs China 5-14-17

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