Assessment at Match Up

Another engineered clan, will Supercell every fix this? I don’t think so. They have 7 TH9s in the war. We have 6 so it’s closer than normal.

Testing Lang Profile

Not sure who is going to win this war. Their Th8s look difficult but we should be able to get them. It will depend on what happens on the 9s.

War Weight Comparison VS Testing Lang Clan

The have one weakness and that is low royals.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Testing Lang’s war log is not public. They have a zero war win streak and are a level 6 clan with 62 wars won. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 119-25-8. Our war win streak is  2. They appear to be doing well as they are a level 6 clan with only 62 war wins.

Stormy Knights VS Testing Lang Battle map

The battle will begin on 5-27-17.

Battle Day

20 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 43 to 17. We have taken 22 attacks while they have taken 7.  The good news is that three of their attacks were on our TH9s and they have yet to three star any of them. But, we’ve only attacked one of their 9s and it was only a 1 star.

Testing Lan Battle Map

Seven Hours Remaining in War

The score is 51 to 50. We have a disturbing trend thus far in war. Except for their bottom 2 9s we have only managed one star attacks.  They are not using LaLoon but heavy on Valks and have only 2 stared our Th9s except for our 8.5 which was three starred. Our lower TH9 did three star their bottom 2 TH9s.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie

Silver: Reshall
Bronze: Blitz

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 57 to 56. Jessie managed a couple of new stars vs their TH9s to give us the lead.

Final Score VS Testing Lang

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall, Rusty, Jessie, Peter, Cragh, Thwack, Diderius, Sir Doom, Daggerstein, Stormy’s Squire

Battle Stats VS Testing Lang

Outright Defense

Rusty, Jessie, Daggerstein

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Rusty, Jessie, Peter

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Additional Battle Stats with Testing Lang

Yosa, Blitz, Frostbyte, Stiffy, Daggerstein, Squire, 2nd Squire

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Destruction Comparison vs Testing Lang

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