Perhaps Taiwan wanted revenge for our total destruction of the prior clan from Taiwan. It doesn’t work that way but it sure seemed like it. We lost this war because of our lazy defenses. Bases copied from the Internet and failure to properly place double giant bombs. I too am not without fault though, I had a base get hogged where my bombs completely let me down. I also failed to three star any base in my two attacks with Thunder. One of them, I tried a zap quake something I’ve never done. I should not have tried an attack that I have not practiced. I forgot to rage my loons. We never did get a three star on that base. Unlike most wars, we had four bases we failed to three star.

Defeat in War

They were a level seven clan and that did help them but their troop levels were so low that we should have beat them. We lost because of our own lazy defenses. They got some key three stars they never should have been able to get.  The result was, we got beat. They on the other hand had good defenses. Especially their walls. They generally had max walls and weak troops. We should have won this war but that’s clearly not what happened.

6 Hours After Start of War

We’ve now lost three out of our last four wars and I’m in one very foul mood! Our war record has fallen to 22-7-1. I can’t be too happy with that and I’m not. Our increase in town hall 9s has made war more difficult for us. It’s not our troops, we are strong there. We have good attackers. But in this war we had too many misfires and our weak defense let them defeat us.

Hopefully, we’ll return to our winning ways on the next war. Since we have several nines now, we are getting more difficult wars. We need to improve our defense. This is the second loss that we had due to defense. That we always seem to match with level 5, 6 and 7 clans is not helping. My guess is Supercell will change this but only after we are a level 5 clan. We are approaching level 5 and will be there within a month or so. That will help us a good deal. Losing to a clan with poor troops is hard to take. We should have won this war.

Sickthing was the only member to get six stars in this war. Stiffy, PayForTheThrills and Thunder all had defenses in this war. In some places our defense did hold up. Stiffy was attacked 5 times. Thunder was destroyed by a TH9 and just barely at that.

War Stats

War Stats

War Stats 2

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