Another engineered clan and another perfect war. The problem is they got one too. I suspected that was the most likely end to this war. The final score was 60to 60. 

It looked like an even match at first glance then at position 18 on the map there sat a TH10 with low defenses but mostly maximized troops. So that meant our two TH9s were going to get three starred leaving their two TH9s to take out four of our TH8s. The TH10 was so weak that it was easily three stared by our lowest TH7!

Only one of their bases survived our first attack. Their lowest 8 was attacked twice by our top two 7s. They managed only two stars against that base though and a TH8 took it out on its first attempt.

Don't Mess With Us

We achieved a perfect war in 4 hours and 10 minutes. With about an hour left in the war, they sent their number 6, a TH8 to finish off our number 17 a TH7.  They then took out another of our lower 7s with another TH8 and their last remaining attack with their top TH9 finished off our number 7, a TH8 that they had been unable to three star with an 8.

It’s within the rules but they will pay the price with this. I suspect that Supercell will find a way to put a stop to it. Putting our town halls outside the walls was also within the rules but they stopped that. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it but I wish we had a 10 down that low. We do have a TH8 down that low so we do it too. But we don’t have the rest of our bases intentionally with weak defense so that we can win meaningless wars with meaningless attacks as this and the last three clans we ran into are doing.

In my mind, we stomped them but the score was a tie. We achieved a perfect war in just over four hours.

Perfect War Battle Field

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Flirtilizer, Natsu, Sickthing, Tach95, Sir Stiffy, Darth Vader, Daggerstein

Knights on Offense

Other Battle Stats

Other battle stats are shown in the graphics below:

War Stats VS Don't Mess With Us

More War Stats VS Don't Mess With Us

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