Assessment at Match-Up

We got screwed big time in this war. MM is still horribly broken. This war ranks among the worst we’ve ever seen.  There are some minor indications they don’t know what they are doing based on spells but they have enough firepower to hurt us badly. We probably have to be perfect in order not to lose and that is possible.

Dhe Bhest Clan Profile

They have a TH10 with max camps at position one on the map.  They have five nines to add to that. Two of which are defensively within the TH8 range and below their top 8.

Massive engineering that was not supposed to happen after the update.

All of their 9s have max spell factories for a TH9 which means the bottom two can double zap quake four of our 8.  That leaves us with one. I’m sure we will kill their 8s too though with our 8s. Not sure our 8s can take the bottom 2 9s but probably. They don’t have xbows but they do have four AD but only level 4. Still, four is a challenge for a TH8. Both of those 9s have two air sweepers as well.

Dhe Bhest Clan War Weight

We have almost no hope of winning this war but hopefully, we can tie them at perfect.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 4 clan with a war record of 26-12-1 they have a 4 war win streak.  We are a level 8 clan with a 1 war win streak. Our war record is 142-32-9.

Our Map vs Dhe Bhest Clan

This travesty of a war will begin on 08-29-17.

Battle Day

22 Hours Remaining in War

The best we can hope for is likely a tie.  The score is 15-9. We have taken 6 attacks and they have taken 3. Their TH10 attacked our number 1 and number 2 early in an obvious attempt to get us to give up. That won’t happen.  They followed that up with a TH9 attack on our top TH8. I was unable to three-star their lower two TH9s with 4 AD and 2 air sweepers with a queen on each.

Dhe Best Clan War Map

15 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 15 to 22.  They have taken 10 attacks and we have taken only 6. They have given Doom an outright defense but they might have been scouting the base.  They attack it with their bottom Th8 that has only level 2 dragons. Yes, I am suspicious of modding now. It’s already clear they are a clan that will do anything to win and has no conscience or they wouldn’t go to war with this kind of army.

Dhe Bhest Clan Stats1

They have also had several attacks that failed to three stars.  Their number 4, a TH9 is out of attacks but their top 8 and their number 3 has not yet attacked.

So far, only my TH8s have attacked.

Three Hours Remaining in War

They may not get a perfect war but they still have the potential to do so. Cragh has held off two three stars.  Doom has been attacked twice one was an outright defense and the second attack was a three-star from their number 2 a TH9! He had 2 seconds left. He attacked with 15 valks and wizards. This clan cannot attack well.

Dhe Bhest Clan Stats 2


Flirtilizer survives an attack from their top 8 but they still have two attacks from a TH8 with level 3 dragons.

They have one TH9 attack left but it as position 7 on the map. He could kill Cragh.

The score is 23 to 28. Reshall and Jessie have not yet attacked. Both, Frosty and Cragh have one attack left.

It appears their two nines at 6 and 7 gemmed defenses as they now have a higher war weight than the top 8 which they are placed lower on the map than. Their war weight is now 51 while the 8 has a war weight of 50.

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 25 to 28 and things look bleak. If they get one more star we cannot win unless all three of our remaining attacks are three-star attacks.

Dhe Bhest Clan 3

We have a two-star 88 percent on their number three but they have a two-star 89 percent attack on our number 3.  So we need at least two three-star attacks in our last three attacks which is possible.  But they still have the potential of a perfect war. It’s a miracle and their poor skills that have kept us in war.  There is actually 1.5 hours remaining in war. I hope our people don’t miss an attack.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall

Silver: Cragh
Bronze: Doom

Results of War

We lost this war with a score of 25 to 29. They gave us an opening but we failed to capitalize on it. Even though they had a massive advantage we just didn’t do well enough.

Dhe Best Clan Loss

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