The matchup between Stormy Knights vs Mad-House BD was a good one for us. Wow, a tense couple of hours but it ended in a blowout. Still, it was closer than the score indicates. When their clan profile proclaims we should not even try to beat them in war, it’s a little hard not to gloat. However, these folks where capable attackers. They did have one fatal flaw, too many of their member didn’t show up. We had a full turn out. With 20 people in the war, not one person failed to attack twice!

Stormy Knights vs Mad-House BD

As the clocked ticked down, they three stared our number two and three bases and we had only five stars on their number two and three. Both number ones got exactly the same score, two stars and 66 percent each. Our number 2 and 3 are maxed town hall 8s and they destroyed them with other TH8s with inferior troops compared to our own. That did have me concerned. We did well, three staring all but two bases but they had way too many no shows to be a contender. They were not behaving as if they were giving up. I thought there might be fight attacks on us within the last couple of minutes of the game. Then there number five attacked and got only one star. At that point, I knew it was over for them and perhaps they did too. It was their last attack and they were too far behind for anything other than a perfect attack.

As usual, we jumped out to an early lead and that may have played a role in the no-shows. I think some may have given up early, thinking they could not win when the score hit 55 to 10 in under 5 hours from the start of the war.

4 Hours into War

That was something I noticed in my prior clan. Attack hard and fast in the opening minutes and you might just demoralize the other side early. So, I’ve been trying to make sure that happens with this clan. It has worked well most of the time but not always. Three clans did battle back and two beat us.

This clan did not attempt to send in spies so except their mouthy clan info, I have respect for them and they had some very good attackers in their clan.

Mad House Profile

Six Star Knights

We had four member obtain six stars in this war. They are Mumbo Jumbo, Flirtilizer, Sir Doom, and TinyTowerMaster.

RWRE and Sir Stiffy had no star defenses. Stiffy had two of them. Both clans struggled below town hall seven but that is to be expected.

Mad House is a level six clan and that advantage was most evident at the lower town hall levels. I will say they failed to fully utilize their advantage. Their TH9 had level four dragons but there were no level 5 dragons in their defensive clan castles. When I am in the war, I insist on donating to the war clan castles because I have the best troops. Still, those level four dragons were difficult for our town hall sixes to deal with.

A Level Three Clan

At the end of this war, we became a level 3 clan and I am looking forward to the “20 percent refund” we get on donations as I have over 12,500 so far this season.

Our four wins streak is documented in the graphic below.

Clash of Clans Win Streat

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As our win streak goes up, I expect things to get much harder. We are less likely to get highly rushed clans with a win streak of 4 or more. We will see what happens.