Winning the Impossible to Win War

This war appeared to be over before it started. We ran into a highly engineered clan. We had 3 nines in the war and they had six. Two of their 8s were very weak. One of their nines was at 20 on the map but with level 3 dragons and full sized labs. Easy for it to three star any eight. It was clearly a “Let’s beat them anyway moment.”  I really wanted to beat this clan but I knew the odds were very much against us.

Stormy Knights VS What The Hole

I knew their weakness was with ground troops though, they could not three star our nines. They attacked our number 1 twice for 1 star both times. They never attacked our number 2 and they two starred our number 3 nine.

Their number 3 never attacked. I suspect he got banned during the war or even before the war started. He had upgrades in progress but did not log in during war based on his mines and collectors. They were nearly full and he was destroyed most of the time.

After they failed on our number 1 for the second time, they seemed to give up. They had to two star him and our number 2 (Thunder) in order to win plus three star everything else. Three starring our 8s wouldn’t have been a problem for them, all they had to do was ZapQuake two of the ADs and send in 11 dragons. Since they couldn’t get a second star on our number 1, it was over for them, even if they three stared the eights.

They had to three star our number 2 or 2 star our 1 and our number 2 and they didn’t seem to have it in them to do it.

Jessie really shined during this war. I only got one star vs their number 1 due to a mistake with my AQ during my battle and our number 1 lost connection early in his attack on their number 1. Jessie came in with her nine and got a 98% two star with a dragon attack on the base.

What is an Engineered Clan?

An engineered clan is a term used by clasher to refer to a clan that has a lot of bases that where the defenses have not been intentionally left quite low. If done properly, the troops are maxed. This can give a clan what I consider an unfair advantage. It’s perfectly within the rules and is more the fault of Supercell’s match making than those players taking advantage of it.

With this clan it was excessive. We have one engineered base in our clan. A TH8 that is often low on our map. This clan though, they had TH9 with no walls and level 1 defenses. It showed up at number 20 on the map. It’s troops were not maxed but they were high enough to do us serious harm. However, they gave up and he never attacked even though they were listed as the clans leader.

This clan gave us everything from number 8 down with very weak defenses. Their plan is to do okay against the nines they match with in the war while their number TH9s can easily destroy any TH8. This clan failed to maximize its ground troops though and was not able to do well against our TH9s even though two of them were 8.5s. Our 8.5s are really not quite 8.5s because they added the fourth anti-air defense. This made their air attacks not a good choice. And our 8.5s have maxed or nearly maxed ground defense. That’s why they lost. They failed to maximize their troops except for their dragons and lighting.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Natsu, RM. Jessie, RRUrbans, Happy, Frosty, Tach95,

Bases Standing at the End of War

RM, Thunder, Jessie, Frosty, Jill, Happy, Natsu

Knights on Offense

Our number 1 suffered from a lost connection on their number 1, further causing it to look very bad for us. But we prevailed all the same, thanks to Jessie’s outstanding efforts!

Additional War Stats:

Stats VS What The Hole

Additional CoC War Stats VS What The Hole

Proud of Our Team

It would have been easy to give up before this war even started but that didn’t happen. Our folks seemed to respond the same way I did to this clans attempts to gain an unfair advantage. We all became more determined to win and that is the only reason we could win when the odds where skewed this badly. That’s exactly what this clan was hoping for. I don’t think they got the result they were looking for though.

Two of their members never showed up but I don’t think they would have been able to make much of a difference. Their numbers 3 and 4 failed to attack for war. Thunder, our number 2 base was never attacked. Two attacks on our number 1 gained only 1 star total.  We three stared everything from their number 5 down and two stared all the rest.

Join the Knights

If you are a highly motivated adult we’d love to have you join the Knights. Any town hall is welcome to join and we war with TH9 and below.  For more information about how to join our clan, visit our join page.