Assessment at Match Up

Yes, another engineered clan with a TH11 at number 2 on the map and a 9 at position 20 in this 20 person war. I am sure this level 3 clan is winning a lot of wars but they will not win this one. People are really tired of this junk and Supercell seems to be doing NOTHING. But we will respond with our own engineered bases.

The 11 has only level 5 dragons and level 1 dark ground troops. The number 1 has level 5 loons. The 11 is a threat in the air and we have only 2 9s in the war so our top 8s are in trouble. But, they don’t have the depth they need to win. At least, I do not think they do. I suppose we’ll find out.

War Weight Comparison

The 9s and 11 do have level 4 labs so they can make life hard for our 8s.

War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 3 clan with 18 war win. Their war log is not public. We are a level 7 clan with a record of 91-18-6. The war started on 2-3-17. This continues a long war win.

Stormy Knights CoC War Log

Battle Day

22 Hours Left in War

With just under 22 hour left in the war the score is 37 to 12. We have taken 14 attacks and they have take 6. The bad news is they three stared our two nines with the level 5 dragons and extra troops on the TH11. But he’s used both of his attack and the number 1 nine has used one of his. He failed to three star Jessie on his first attack. At this point we have 26 attacks left and they have 34. They are going to need them.

War Results for Stormy Knights Clan

18 Hours Left in War

The score is 54 to 35 we have taken 26 attacks and they have taken 18. We have attacked and three stared their number 2 TH11. Jessie launched a Penta LaLoon on it and they didn’t seem to see it coming. No CC troops responded so they could only defend ground troops. They are doing well, this could end up a double perfect war.

CoC Battle Map

15 Hour Left in War

The score is 54 to 43.  They have several players attacking too high. Number 15 attacked our number 10 for no stars. He is now without a clan. Their number 7 attacked our number 4 for 1 star. I hope they keep that up. Our number 7, 8 and 9 have not been attacked and they are going high. That will cost them the war so I hope they continue to be foolish.

Results of War

The final score was 59 to 49 giving us our 14th war without a loss. There was one tie in there so our win streak is only 3. They didn’t attack much after we three stared their TH11.

Destruction Comparison

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Frostbyte, Ice Queen, Jessie, RRUrbans, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Jill, Caragus

Clash of Clans War Stats

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

AviralSharma, Jill, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Caragus

More Batle Stats vs Rajesthali Clan

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Caragus, Ice Queen, RRUrbans, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiff, Daggerstein, R2U

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