We won another easy victory in our latest war. Even though they had many more TH8s than we did and plus 1 trop donations, they were poorly armed on offense and defense. Again, another rushed clan. Often, when it appears we have a war won, I announce in chat “Stick a fork in them, they are done.” This time though, as soon as we matched, I called that right away. It was obvious they didn’t have the air troops to beat us and as war progressed they showed they didn’t have the ground troops either.

CoC War Victory

Knights on Defense

We had more defenses than we usually do. Sir Stiffy was attacked 4 times with 2 defenses and the best the enemy clan could obtain on him was a two star. Jessie was attacked only once but that resulted in another defense. Jill was attacked three times with 2 defenses and only one star scored on her. TinyTowerMaster was attacked twice, one was a defense the other attack for a one star. PayForTheThrills was attacked 2, one was a defense.

The top of the enemy battle map:

Enemy Battle Map

The top of the friendly battle map:

Friendly Battle Map

Six Star Nights

Flirtilizer, Sickthing and TinyTowerMaster were able to obtain two three star attacks on bases with open stars remaining.

This brings our war record to 24-7-1.  Hopefully, we will continue to improve on that. We will continue to match against clans with +1 donations because we are stronger than most level 4 clans. The only way to overcome that is to continue to war and hopefully win most of them. We lost three out of our last 6 and I wouldn’t be surprised if we struggle a bit for a while, mostly due to us matching against level 5, 6 and 7 clans. It is really hard for level 2 dragons when we run into level 5 or even level 4 dragons in the CC due to their plus one donations. But as we say, “Let’s beat them anyway.” That is making it harder for us and I don’t see that changing until we too are a level 5 clan. We still have just under 2000 experience points before that happens. That probably means 16 or so more wars if we win most of them. It’s about 13 wars if we managed to win them all.

War Stats

War Stats 1

More War Stats:

More War Stats

Join the Knights

If you’d like to join the Knights, please visit our join page. We are still accepting any English speaking town hall level but if you are below town hall seven, it is likely you will struggle in war.