The final score in this war was 44 to 35. The opposing clan was heavily rushed so their offense was very weak. Their defense was overall weak especially at the TH9 level. Their top TH9 was fully max except for his walls which were weak. Most of these bases were well laid out giving some difficultly in killing them. The number 2 and 3 were nines but were a joke. There was nothing funny about their number 1 but he did not three star our top nine. We did not three star him either. That was the only base that we did not three star. Leaving us one short of another perfect war.  Notably their lowest three bases were their strongest for their TH level. The walls on these TH5’s and 6’s were gold giving our bases of the same size a hard time. We were equally difficult for them.

When we first matched, it appeared to be a horribly match up. They are a level 4 clan with a significant number of wins while were are level 2 clan with 5 wins going into this battle. We are now 6 wins and 1 loss.

Another Victory in CoC

Stormy Knights Stand Outs

Gnamsu and Flirtilizer were our six star warriors. Most of warriors did not need to take a second attack because everything was already destroyed. I see no point in wasting elixir having our TH7s and 8s on an attack with little benefit.

They managed to get a star on each of our bases with their TH7s and 8 going low on the map.  They had three TH9s and six TH8s. While we had one TH9 and three TH8s. We were about even in the matching at TH7 through TH5.

War Results Stormy Knights

Thunder had a notable win on their heaviest defended TH8 when he left only two building huts standing at the end of his attempt. Thunder is one of my alts and I lost connection at the end of this battle. It didn’t have any effect on the outcome. Not dropping some barbs on those builder huts did have an effect on the outcome. It is haunting me still. This meant Mr. Yosa had to attack it again to get the third star.

Another notable effort was TinyTowerMaster and her first war with us. She came into this war with no war stars but now has five.  Nice start Tiny.

War Plagued with Internet Connection Issues

The war was hard to execute because I suffered an 18 hour Internet blackout. It started about 2 hours into war. I could not connect inside the hotel that I live in. I had to go out on the sidewalk and use my cellular data connection to connect that night. I struggled to even let the clan know I was having this problem and it caused me way too much anxiety. I first had to go buy more credits for my prepaid account because I had no data connection. I don’t usually use it.

I performed four attacks sitting on a plastic stool just outside the hotel and it was raining too! I was shielded from the rain I just found it funny. Since cell phones are stolen like money here in the Philippines, it’s not a good thing to do. It was midnight when I started and the security guard had little to do. He is a clasher too but his phone has been broke for some time. He misses the game. He hovered over me while I was attacking which was good. I do think three guys were thinking of grabbing my phone and running until I noticed them and then he approached as well. I was happy to have him interested in what I was doing. Plus he was impressed saying “You always three star.” Of course, I quickly corrected him but his English is not very good so I don’t know how much he understood.

CoC Stats vs 201 Club

The next day, I could not get on at the hotel at all. My girlfriend went to a mall because she was afraid to use her phone on the sidewalk. Once she got online, their TH8s were dead after three attacks by her three accounts. I am glad she is on our side. About a week ago she watched a Dragloon video by One Hive on YouTube and since then she has really upped her game. She was already good but since watching that all of her raids, except for one, have been three stars. The one that wasn’t was when she attacked a difficult TH10 and got 42 percent of that. She’s deadly with her dragons. Since I could not get on at home, I too went to the mall for my last attack and to donate to others for their attacks. When I got back, my Internet connection was back up.

Stormy Knights War Record

We were one star short of another perfect war. If you’d like to join us visit this page.