When we matched with the level 7 clan, I was concerned. Though the match up was fairly close otherwise, a level 7 clan has a huge advantage over a level 1 clan because all of their donations get a one level upgrade. Starting at level 5, all donations are upgraded by one level. For example if I donate a level four dragon, it becomes a level 5 dragon when it is donated. This is the same for any troop donated by a clan that has reached level seven and above. I wish Clash of Clans would begin to consider clan levels when match making for war. At least they should consider this when matching clans.

Victory in our Third War

However, victory was ours in this hard fought battle. It looked like a tie was highly possible. With 30 seconds left, they needed two stars to tie and their number one base, a TH10 launched his first and only attack. Never did I think he would three star but he failed to get any stars and the result is shown below:

Victory in out 3rd CoC War

Overachievers Abound in this War

A “Tip of the Hat” to Happy, a TH8 for her six stars in war. Our TH7’s were flawless and three staring all of the TH7s with only one attack each. I called a cease fire for our TH7s because we had the firepower needed to three star any TH8 that remained. I suggested they not take their second attacks unless they wanted to practice and they were cleared to attack any base.

Myself, I fouled up my second attack with a miss click early on which destroyed my entire plan. I attempted a hybrid attack. A 2 Pekka GoWipe with 10 hogs to clean up at the end. I ended up with a 1 star on a 2 stared TH9.

I was more than pleased with our win and our clan with their performance in this war. If we can win the next one, we will be within 10 points of becoming a level 2 clan. I hope we will win but I know we won’t win them all.