Assessment at Match-Up

Messi 10 brings us another mostly even match. They do have more TH9s and a TH10 in the war but they are not engineered. They did bring a TH3 to the war.

Messi 10 Profile

I think we can win this war but we need to be on our game.

Messi 10 War Weight

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Their war record is 86-75-0 with a war win streak of zero. They are a level six clan. We are a level 8 clan but that means no advantage for us. Our war record is 144-33-9 with a war win streak of 2.

This war will begin on 9-7-17.

Our War Map vs Messi 10

Battle Day

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 14 to 4. The bad news is I don’t think we are going to three star any of their TH8s with our 8s. They have very good bases and they’ve all been attacked at least once.

Messi 10 War Map

I thought it was just me attacking poorly so I asked Jessie to take my phone and attack with my accounts. She too got only a one star on of the bases I did so poorly against. The best I did was a two star on one base. The rest were all one stars.

The good news is that Reshall three stared both number 1 and 2. They have attacked with two nines. They got a two star on our number 1 and a 1 star on our number 2.  Number 1 attacked Reshall and number 3 attacked Stormheart.

They have no three star attacks yet but they have attacked only 3 times.

Eighteen Hours in War

The score is 20 to 4. I think our nines will have to kill some of the Th8s this time. We have 1,2 and 4 three starred.  So only two nines with stars remaining. Number 5 is weak so that doesn’t look too bad. I think our nines can dip down and we can still win the war.  One of the difficult 8s has been three starred but only number 9 and their 10 have been. Their number 10 is a TH4 with a war weight of 5!

Messi 10 War Stats 2

Seven Hours Remaining in War

The score is 22 to19 and it looks like we have this pretty much locked up. We could use another star on their number 3 as we have only one star on that base and could still cost us the victory if we don’t pick up a second.

Five Hours Remaining in the War

They have taken the lead at 22 tp 24 but we are in a strong position. We have attacked 17 times and they have attacked 15. They have one attack at TH9 remaining.  We have only three left so it’s not a sure victory but I think we will win.  We have four stars to gain from their Th8s which is almost a sure thing.

War Stats 3 Messi 10

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 28 to 24. We left one Th9 with 2 stars open. We have taken all of our attacks. They have one TH9 attack left and 2 Th8 attacks remaining. They can get only one star from our three remaining Th9s and only 3 stars from our two remaining TH8s. One of which is very hard for a TH8 to three star. A TH9 already failed to three star that TH8. One other attack resulted in an outright defense.  They could beat us if they three star frosty and the two remaining 8s. That would give them four stars for a tie. But, I don’t think that will give them the win based on destruction percentage because both our numbers 1 and 2 have less than 65 percent damage on each. I think this war is won. Right now the damage percentage is 98.00 to 88.6.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall

Silver: Stormheart
Bronze: Blitz

Results of War

Another victory of the knights with a final score of 28 to 24.

Beating Messi 10

Knights on Defense

Outright Defense


Destruction vs Messi 10

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