Assessment at Match Up

A fairly even match up. They are a bit weak on offense. They have a TH8 at the bottom of  the map but it has weak troops and of course even worse defense. Their top 8 is maxed and perhaps others 8s are too. He is upgrading to TH9 at match up. They are a level 6 clan with only 41 war wins and a win streak of zero. I do think we have a slight advantage because some of their 8s are weak on offense.

Stormy Knights VS Mandiri FCI

Battle Map VS Mandiri FCT

Opposing Clan War Record and Date of Battle

41 war wins but their log is private so I don’t know how they have been doing. A level 6 clan so it appears they may have lost a lot of wars.

Battle Day

Their initial attacks were quite poor. Two attacks on our number 2 got a 1 star at 61 percent. Most of their early attacks were a one star but a TH7, number 13 on the map  with level 2 dragons attacked our number 15 and failed to get a star. One of my bases, Sir Doom, needs a new base. A horrible attack by a TH8 with level 1 dragons managed to get three stars.  It’s one of my 7s and I need to come up with a new base.

Summary of Game vs Mandiri FCT

With 17 hours left to go in the war, they have tied the score. They have taken 25 attacks and we have taken 17. They are nearly out of attacks. There numbers 2 and 3 have no attacks left. They have only 3 attacks left in their top 10 bases. At least they are putting up a fight and didn’t roll over and play dead.

With just over 14 hours left in war they score stood at 42 to 38. Their number 1 base has not been attacked and is the only base still standing.

Additional Info VS Mandiri FCT

With just under 14 hours left in war we achieved a perfect war with a score of 45 to 38 and in the end they appear to have given up. They have not attacked in over 14 hours with under 3 hours left in the war.

The final score was 45 to 38 giving us a war record of 86-18-5 with 43 perfect wars. We also have a current war win streak of 7.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Daggerstein, Bhavya, Thwack, Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Gerry

Outright Defense

Bhavya, Sir Stiff

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Aviral, Chief Muf, Thwack, Sickthing, Caragus, Gerry — Most of the TH7s attacked a higher TH8 and two stared it.

Destruction Comparison

War Weight Comparison

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