Our 19th victory brought us to a level 4 clan. We beat this clan thoroughly. Our plan to jump out to an early lead to demoralize the opposition worked well. They never really tried. At the end of four hours we had completely destroyed 19 of their 20 bases. The best we could do for their number 1 base was a two star scored by GameOver.

Four Hours

The final score was 59 to 16.

Stormy Knights VS Seven Stars

Six Star Knights

Happy, Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Sir Doom, RoofDaddy and Frostbyte all managed to obtain six stars in this war.

Some stats from this war follow:

War Stats

More War Stats

Level Four at Last

This brings our record to 19-4-1 and a war win streak of 5. The last time we had 5 straight wins, things started to get tough. This war was another mismatch in some ways. They were a level 7 clan and we were a level 3 at the start of this war. It’s a long way to level 5 but we’ll get there.

Stormy Knights reaches Level Four Clan Perks

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