We won this war on defense but of course with a strong offense. The opposing clan had a strong war history with only a few losses. In the end we won with a score of 44 to 42.

Victory for the KnightsThis clan attempted to have a member join us for the purpose of spying. They sure needed it because their hog attempts failed in a big way. Soon after we matched with this clan, a join request was sent by someone named Fighter. Even if I hadn’t already  noticed this clan had a member with the name of Fighter he would have never been admitted anyway. We don’t let people in that we have not already talked too.

Yadanabon Spy

Knights on Defense

Knights that Survived At Least One Attack

Doom, Mr. Yosa, Natsu, Jill, Frosty, TinyTowerMaster

We did not have an outright defense in this war but Jill survived 3 attacks before falling to their number one on the fourth attack. This was crucial in our victory. Finally, their number one attacked out number one with over 30 level 4 hogs but managed only one star which secured our victory.

Stats are shown below:

Summary of War