Another hard fought battle. We took an early lead of 21 to zero and never lost the lead but they did have me concerned for a little while. Their number three player never showed up for war and that was important as was their TH10 getting only one star on me. However, that was better than I managed to get on him. I’m a TH9 and a fairly new TH9. My attack on him failed when my queen ignored the jump spell and shot at other junk rather than the TH.  I’m sure most TH9s can relate to that.

Victory against Dragon Zombies

Thunder, Jill and Sir Stiffy all had six star wars. I had a zero star war. I had planned on taking out number 2 but Jill wanted to take a shot at it so I gave her the go-ahead and she smashed it in less than 2 minutes. Great job to Jill. Stiffy did very well also, not only six stars but survived the first three attacks on his TH5. On the fourth attack, the enemy finally got three stars on his base. He was number 10 on the map and 3 starred number 8 and number 10 within the first few minutes of the war. Jill’s attack on number two was incredible smashing through three level 6 AD with her 10 dragons, 5 max loons and 2 lightning, 1 earthquake and 1 rage spells.


The only thing we didn’t three star was the TH10. Our highest base is me with a TH9. I had only a level 2 golem in my CC going up against this base and it didn’t end well. One of our TH8’s also tried to take it out but was not successful. Most of our attackers only got in one attack because nearly everything was three stared within the first four hours of war. There was nothing left for them to attack!

CoC War Stats

Our next war is underway and will not include me or my alternate, Thunder. It includes our TH8s and most of our other bases.  I had to leave one out due to the limitation of 10 players. I have become selective on who I let in the clan. I could fill it up quickly with teens and they could leave just as quick after driving this old man insane. I have had enough of that.

If you are an adult or can act like it, please join our Band channel to say hello. You can find it by clicking here.