Assessment at Match Up

Another horrible matchup with a highly engineered clan.  They have two TH9s and we have none. One of them mirrored with our 7s added an xbow right after the match. They both have level 4 spell factories so they can easily kill four of our eights with double zap quake.

Until Supercell does something to stop this, I see a lot of losses in our future.  We might be able to get a perfect war this war. We will probably need it.

War Weight Comparison BW Guys

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan with a war record of 66-40-5 so they just learned how to engineer. Their recent war performance has been good with many perfect wars. Our war record is 94-20-6 and we are a level 7 clan. We have a war win streak of zero, theirs is 1.

BW Guys Battle Map

Battle Day

19 Hours Remaining in War

Their number 14, a TH9 used a double zap quake to kill our number 1. Their number 3, also a 9 has not yet attacked. The score is 46 to 31 with our 23 attacks to their 13 attacks. We will need a perfect war in order to not loose. We cannot win.

Destruction Comparison

On a high note, two TH7s managed to three star their lower TH9 that added an Xbow after the war match. We have three stared all bases starting at number 8 down. Once again, we are a better clan but we have a good chance of losing.

18 Hours Remaining in War

We have a perfect war. Our 47th perfect war. I still say we cannot win but not they cannot lose either. Their lower TH9 failed to three star one of our TH8s and our 7s three stared him so we have the moral victory already.

CoC War Results

4 Hour Remaining in War

The score is 60 to 59 and they have attacked Gerry 5 times. They still have a TH9 attack left on that base and their number 1 and 2 have not attacked at all. Number 1 has a 27 wizard GoWiPe army ready, number 2 has dragons cooked so does the TH9 at the third position. There is almost no hope that Gerry can survive. It is extremely likely this war will end in a tie.  But, I don’t think they are as confident as I am about that.

Battle Stats

Results of War

With about 2 hours left in the war their “dirty” TH9 attacked and killed Gerry giving them a perfect war. This war is a tie at 60 to 60. Muf called the engineered TH9 “Dirty” and I like that description. We too will have a dirty nine in our next war. The MVP will go to Gerry for scoring 5 defenses before going down. Frostbyte got silver for two six star attacks and Stiffy got bronze for killing that TH9 as a TH7.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Flirtilizer, One Cannon, Gerry, Jill, Cragh, Caragus

More Battle Stats

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

None, double perfect war.

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormy Knights Battle Stats

Mr. Yosa, Ice Queen, Frostbyte, RRUrbans, Sir Doom, One Cannon

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