I’ve seen some articles that I strongly disagree with regarding upgrading on a Clash of Clans town hall eight. I will acknowledge there are no hard fast rules and there are exceptions to the standards that even I suggest. The title should be “What to Upgrade on a new Town Hall 8 According to Stormheart” which is my in game name. I’m going to write this as if you have fully upgraded your TH7 before going to TH8. If you didn’t that’s what you need to do first. Get your TH7 defenses and troops fully upgraded to max TH7 level. Then go to work on your new TH8.

I work under something I learned as a new TH8.5. An 8.5 is a concept where a TH9 does not add any new defenses. Instead they concentrate on troops. The idea being that in war, you can lose only three stars but you can gain six. While I’m not suggesting you do that as an eight or a nine, the idea that you can only loose three stars but gain six is a good one to live by. For an 8.5 it is believed that you will tend to match with lower level 9’s in war. From my experience at TH8.5, I saw that is true but just because you don’t have x-bows does not mean your match will not. They almost surely will but chances are your troops are far better than their troops are.

There was a recent change in Clash of Clan war matching that, I think, will enhance the concept of offense before defense. Matches are going to be based with an emphasis on defense and not offense. As long as that is the case you can increase your troops without it increasing the weight of your base as much. Thus, you should be able to match with those with lower level troops unless they follow the same plan. Some will follow it, many will not. You should, at times gain a clear advantage on offense by concentrating on offense first. If you max out your defense first, it could hurt you if the other side maxes their troops first.

Offensive Priority for Upgrades Clash at Clans Town Hall Eight

Let’s talk about regular elixir troops first and then we will consider dark elixir troops. I don’t think you should upgrade dark elixir troops until your Barbarian King is maxed.

  1. Clan Castle to 4
  2. Dark Spell Factory
  3. Dragons to 3
  4. Dark spell Factory to 2 (Will allow you to take your own EQ and request high level poison or haste)
  5. Lightning to 5 (Zap Quake for War) Maybe this should be upgraded before Dragons to 3. I’m not sure.
  6. Rage to 5 (A high priority due to it’s use in addition to ZapQuake)
  7. Wizards to 5
  8. Giants to 5
  9. Heal to 6
  10. Archers to 5
  11. Barbarians to 5
  12. Balloons to 5
  13. Pekka to 2 then to 3

Goblins, I upgrade them last just to lower my elixir available to attackers but I may be under using them. Now that a town hall is part of your storage, goblins will attack it. This can be used late in war to take it out. Chances are good though, the town hall will already be gone. I’ve seen others use them with giants to quickly get the loot. I’ve seen it work against me quite well. So they should not be completely ignored, I just don’t use them.

Wizards at Town Hall 8

People will love you if you donate level 5 wizards. I made heavy use of wizards at TH8 and limited use of them at TH7. To me, they are useable at level 4 but strong at level 5. We have a TH6 that uses level 3 wizards during her war attacks with very good results. My TH6 got only one star on his second attack in a recent war because the opponent made good use of spring traps. I think she could have three starred it because with her 22 wizards losing a few wouldn’t hurt her as much as it hurt me to have my giants and cc hogs thrown out of the battle.

When upgrading troops, look at the graph that comes up after you click on the unit in the lab. The yellow part shows the increase you’ll get for upgrading it. The increase in damage for upgrading a wizard to level 5 is one of the biggest increases you’ll get for an upgrade in all of Clash of Clans.

Upgrading Clash of Clan Wizards TH8

Dark Troop Upgrades

Your Barbarian King at Town Hall Eight

I personally believe that you should not upgrade any dark troops until your Barbarian King (BK) is level 10. This is because he is so much stronger as a 10. His ability 2 is far superior to ability 1 and his strength at 10 far exceeds a level 9 king. As you probably know, ability level increases only at increments of five.

Many people consider only the regaining of strength when you call on the Iron fist. But that’s only half the story. When the BK’s Iron Fist is activated he get nearly a seventy-five percent increase in strength! A king at 10 goes from damage of 143 to 244 on top of that the speed increase is 19 when the iron fist is activated.

While I’m on the subject, calling on the ability at about seventy-five percent health is ideal. You don’t want your BK to die with the ability still active. If that happens, you’ve wasted part of his ability. I will not claim that I always do this but that is almost always the goal. The only time it’s not the goal is if he is at nearly full strength at the end of the battle. If he is, I will rage him anyway just to reduce his recovery time after the battle. You might always want to do it in war if you are near 50% to get that second star.

Here are the stats for a level 10 king before the ability is called.

King Before Iron Fist Activated

Here are the statistics for a level 10 king when you call on the iron fist.

King Stats with Iron First Activated

It is important to know that’s the INCREASE, not the total.

Get your king maxed and you will be happy that you did.

Other Clash of Clans Dark Troops for a Town Hall Eight

  1. Golem to 2
  2. Valkyrie to 2
  3. Hogs to 4
  4. Minions to 4

For some, minions could be upgraded before Valkyrie. If you use them, upgrade them. I didn’t use them and most others don’t use them much at town hall eight. You will likely need them at town hall nine. All of your upgrades should take into account what you will need at the next town hall level. At town hall nine, your other dark elixir upgrades take a long time. I did not upgrade mine to 4 at TH8 and that was a mistake. I realized this almost immediately as a TH9. For me, upgrading them before I upgraded golems to four and hogs to five as well as witches to two and lava hounds to two was just not a good idea. You also need your spells upgraded at TH9 so the laboratory is very crowded at TH9.

Valkyries for a TH8

A lot of people dismiss Valkyries but I think this is a huge mistake. Late in my primary Th8’s life, I constantly had max dark elixir in my storage. I was pushing for masters and I used Valkyries until I ran my dark elixir almost dry.  Twice I went from seventy thousand dark to about thirty thousand using mass Valkyrie attacks. Because of their small size, people tend to overlook their tanking value. They have 1000 hit points at level 2. That is a huge amount of hit points. They are very fast, often outrunning spring traps. For many, including myself, they are just fun to watch spinning around and taking out two buildings or units at a time.

Defense at Town Hall Eight

If you are ever going to get five builders, now is the time. I had no problem keeping all five of them building all of the time. However, I usually only kept four going and the fifth I kept free to build walls. Upgrading walls will also keep your gold down. People are going to attack you more often if you have high gold.

I kept my loot low except when I needed a large amount of it. Upgrading walls as I went. I’d try not to quit until I had 500K gold so I could build a wall. When I needed a large amount for something specific, I would raid for a long period of time. If I couldn’t get all the gold or elixir I needed in one day, I’d get it in several days but usually I could do it in one six hour period. I’d get the amount needed and start the upgrade or buy the new building.  Thus, keeping my loot low again.

My opinions regarding defense at town hall eight are not as strong as they are about offensive troops but there are a couple of things that I think are important.

Upgrade Splash Damage Building before Point Damage

However, if you are in a war clan, do not upgrade your mortars to level 6 until you are ready to go to TH9. If you upgrade them to level 6, you will draw TH9s.  Th9s have level 4 dragons and an additional 20 troops beyond a TH8.  A TH9 will use four lighting and 2 EQ to take out two of your AD. With only one AD left you have no chance of surviving that attack. You do not want to be attacked by a TH9 using dragons vs your TH8. You’ll lose. 🙂

The addition of “engineering” to Clash of Clans wars has dramatically increased the chance that you will draw in more nines with your level 6 mortars.

Don’t put your walls off to the end. Walls should be a priority. They are your best defense vs ground troops.

When I upgraded one of my town halls, I rushed it significantly. I spent only a couple of hours as a TH7, if that long. I had a special case though. Thunder, my Th7 was created to give troops to my main account which was a TH8 at the time. Thunder could not defend itself at all. By upgrading the walls to level 7 (purple) I found myself holding my own against TH8s just fine. I also kept it in a low league.  I learned through this that walls are very important.

Another thing, if you have five builders and they are all upgrading your defenses you are very weak.
As an eight there are some things that are key to your defense.

For farming, your mortars are the key. But they will raise your war weight significantly. They start shooting fire at level 6 and you can get those at TH8. These are deadly to the enemy. I would only upgrade one at a time though and get the new one ASAP. I’d get the new one to five then start upgrading the others to level six. I do it one at a time.  I highly recommend you do your walls, air defense, and Tesla at a higher priority due to war weight. Upgrading mortars early is great for you ground defense but will also move you up the map in war.

At the same time, you can also start your upgrades for your air defense. Level six air defense is much stronger than level 5. You can do one at the same time you are upgrading your mortars.

I am reluctant to take TH8s with max mortars to war.

You’ll also want to get your new dark elixir pump as soon as you can and get it upgraded to max too.

The last thing I would upgrade is the cannons. One person said to me “But they are faster to upgrade.” I conceded that point but I don’t think that’s the way to defend your loot. That is, by which is the fastest. However, consider that archer towers are good at killing dragons for war you might want to move archer towers up a lot on the list.  Cannons are the weakest defense on the battlefield. There are better places to spend your gold. Walls are a better place. On my new 8, Sickthing, I decided not to upgrade my cannons at all. This will keep my war weight down and we don’t need any more maxed TH8s. It does make my ground defense weaker but my walls will hopefully make up for that.

It takes forever to get your Hidden Tesla to level 6 but they will get you many defenses once they are there. You will be so happy when you have that. You’ll find that 9s are not going to three star you every single time once you have level six Tesla. It will likely be near the end of your life as a TH8 but I know one person that often defends in war because of her level 6 Hidden Teslas. Her base is weak when it comes to walls but dragon attackers are often surprised and frustrated when they find her teslas are at level six. Since her walls are weak, if they have GoWiPe troops she usually gets attacked that way on subsequent attacks. She usually gets three stared then but some clans don’t yet have TH8s with GoWiPe troops. If they don’t have that, they continue to fail. Or if they have weak GoWiPe troops.

Bomb Towers have been added to this game since this was first written.  It is likely when you first become a TH8 Supercell will offer you a TH8 value pack that will include a level 2 bomb tower among other things.  I paid $9.99 for it, if I recall correctly. I would get that if possible. Otherwise add it to your base early and upgrade as you can.  As it is now, it is not a huge factor in defense but I suspect changes will be coming. Its blast radius on its death is a bit weak. Wizards usually take it out and stay far enough away to take some damage but survive its death blast.

I’ve seen others say the first thing you should upgrade is archers, I think that’s insane. It’s ridiculous in my mind, I just don’t understand why anyone would do that! Clearly, others disagree with my approach. I really do not want a bunch of archers streaming out head first into a cannon when I deploy the clan castle troops. I’ve had that happened to me more than once. I prefer to take a few, high-value troops in my clan castle and that’s what I tend to give. I rarely give anything lower than a wizard. These days, it is usually a golem or P.E.K.K.A that I give. If you regularly donate level 5 wizards, your clan mates will love you. I try to keep level four dragons on hand when I’m not raiding and I still donate level 5 wizards often.

You should only donate to help others, not to clean out your troops unless people ask for “dump” or let you know they need to give away certain troops.

It is up to you what you want to do with your base. The last clan I was in you couldn’t be in war until you had level three dragons as a TH8. We might end up with that rule in Stormy Knights. What you use the most is also part of what should be considered. These are not rules, it is what I do. That doesn’t make it the only way. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please leave comments below.

My newest town hall 8 at exactly two months old. Two Teslas are upgrading to 6, two archer towers are upgrading to 10, 1  mortar is upgrading to 6. I used gems to finish the upgrade of the lab early but only by a few hours. Other gems used for army boosting. The Army is almost always 100 goblins, 90 archers, 5 wbs with 2 heals and a rage alone with poison. I rarely use spells or the CC which is usually full of a Pekka and poison.

TH8 After Two Months