Assessment at Match Up

Things don’t look great for us. They have a TH10 that is maxed except for walls and royals. We had a 9 and and 8.5 in the war.  They have 3 nines, two of which are highly rushed or engineered. The clan is engineered at their TH8 which pulls down their overall war weight and allows them have a top TH10 with level three infernos in this war. This makes it very hard for our TH9s to survive this war but not impossible. Their top nine is not that strong but will very likely be able to take out our top to TH8s.

War Results vs Vietnam Info

You have to wonder why Supercell allows this to happen. They could easily set this up so it doesn’t happen.

We must be perfect on our Th8s and vs their top TH9 and hope that their 8s cannot get enough stars to beat us. We may be able to get a one star on their TH10 but it is far from assured.

CoC War Map

Opposing Clan War Record and Date of Battle

This level 5 clan had a war record of 55-25-0 with a war win streak of 4.

Battle Day

With 19 and half hours left in this war everything below number 2 has been three stared including their TH9 at position 4 on the map. Our nines have not attacked yet. We had only two attacks that were not three stars but the first clean up attack go the three.

War Weight Comparison

They have had at least two no star attacks and their number 7 foolishly attacked our number 3 for one star. There were many more bases on the map he could have had a chance to three star.

Still, that TH10 makes things very difficult for us. Not just because we are unlikely to three star it but because of their ability to three star many of our 8s with their number 2 and 4 nines. Their number 2 nine already attacked our number 3 TH8 and got three stars. They barely got it so he may not get a three star on their next attack. Only time will tell. Harder bases are below our number 3.

Destruction Comparison

With about 12 hours left in war our number 1 three stared their number 2 and managed to get a one star on that 10.

Many of their attacks continued to fail but they did have some good TH8 attacks at the top.

This war saw One Cannon called into action and he/I got six stars in it’s first outing. In all, I had 16 attacks this war for a total of 30 star but some were on bases already three stared.

Results of War

We won another impossible war. Not only did we win, we blew them out. The final score was 73 to 52. Looking at their war record, they do not have a history of a lot of no shows in war but they did this time. In their prior 4 wars they had one perfect war and the other three were one star short of perfect. I have to hand it to our team for getting their attacks in early and getting them in well. Th early blitz we gave them appears to have demoralized them to the point they gave up. The fact is, had they all attacked, they might still have come up short. They didn’t have the attacks they needed to take out all of our bases. This is true even though they took out our higher TH8s they still left too many down low and they had only 10 viable attacks left. At a glance it appears they had 8 viable attacks left but we had at least 10 bases still standing at the end of war! Fundamentals cannot be neglected even with a overwhelming advantage. I suspect they have gone used to relying on their engineering to give them wins. It gave them an advantage but they didn’t have the depth of ability and power in their offense to win!

Clash of Clans Battle Stats

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Bhavya, Reshall Reiz, Gerry, Sir Stiiff, Gerry, RRUrbans, Thwack, Caragus, R2U, Aviral Sharma, Sir Doom, Frostbyte

CoC War Stats 2

Outright Defense

Caragus, Sir Doom, R2U,

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Gerry, RRUrbans, Fertilizer, Sir Doom, Sir Stiff, Cragh, Daggerstein, Thwack, R2U, Bhavya, 2nd Squire

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Jill, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Gerry, Chief Muff, Caragus, Frostbyte, Sir Doom, Sir Stiff, Cragh, Daggerstein, Thwack, R2U, Badfingers, Stormy Squire, Once Cannon

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