The clan has an impressive war record. Before this war, they have had some ties but have lost only 1 war in their last 21. They also have a lot of perfect wars.

It was a close war with a score of 44 to 44 but we had a slight edge in destruction which gave us the win.  Destruction was 99.67 to 99.6%.

Youth Gone Wild VS Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack


Outright Defense

Cragh, Sickthing, AviralSharma, Sir Stiff, Caragus, Sir Doom, Mr. Yosa

Knights Standing at the End of War

Mr. Yosa

Graphical Summary of War

End of War Battle Map

Summary of War with Youth Gone Wild

Additional Info VS Youth Gone Wild

War Weight Comparison

Destruction Comparison

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